“The show was emotional, healing and inspiring. My heart is full seeing my mom’s art. All the other art, poems and performances shed so much light on what it means to have aphasia. I felt their fear, confusion, love and healing.” (A.C.)


The National Aphasia Association hosted an unforgettable evening of visual and performance art- from painting to sculpture, from poetry to photography, and from music to dance. The Night of Aphasia Arts celebrated the talent, creativity, and resilience of individuals who truly understand that people with aphasia know more than they can say.


This event reminded us all that art is a powerful catalyst for more than communication of a person’s thoughts and ideas. Art holds the power to heal, to engage, to educate, to advocate and even to create change.


The artists we celebrated through the Night of Aphasia Arts are an embodiment of this means of expression and together we held space for what they so generously share from their hearts and minds. And when the maker meets the creation, in the words of Van Gogh, “the paint strokes come like speech.”

“So many truly affecting moments and insights into the world of living with aphasia.”


You missed it? No worries, we recorded the whole show for you!



2024 Night of Aphasia Arts Playbill

2024 Night of Aphasia Arts Poetry Book

2024 Visual Arts Gallery