We challenged you to take a step toward wellness a few weeks ago. The Audrey Holland Wellness Challenge honors the late aphasia pioneer, who worked tirelessly to treat the whole person, not just their aphasia. Aphasia impacts a person emotionally, physically, and financially.


We asked people to try one healthy habit that contributes to their well-being. It could be any small act that makes you feel better afterward. We also asked you to send in what you are doing so others could gather ideas. Sometimes, the first step toward wellness is simply connecting with a community of individuals who all understand aphasia.


Here are the first ten ideas people submitted. We are counting on you to get inspired and add yours to the form below so we can feature it in the next Wellness Actions post.


  1. Encouraging others, supporting others — Audrey style 🙂 —Jessica
  2. Increase my clarity journaling from once per week to twice per week. —Michelle
  3. After yesterday’s talk, I’m going with spiritual for two months starting today. Prayers every day if I can. —Kathy
  4. Exercise 30-45 minutes every day! —Debbie
  5. Walk. —Marleen
  6. Walking with my dog and husband! —Linda
  7. I bought some stickers which I loved. Then, with every small step of work that I’ve done/tried and getting stressed out before doing it, I used a sticker I chose. And I just tell myself: “You are doing great because you have just moved forward.” —İlayda
  8. Hired a personal trainer to get me working out twice a week!!!!! —April
  9. Riding our tandem recumbent electric assist bike as much as possible to view the fall colors! —Nancy
  10. Three Good Things (3GT) nightly practice. —Jessica

Try It

Curious about Jessica’s Three Good Things?


Try this activity from Greater Good Science Center. “Each day for at least one week, write down three things that went well for you today, and provide an explanation for why they went well.” Read more about how this action is a small step toward better mental health.

What Are You Doing?

Please join us for a conversation about wellness on October 25, 2023 at 12:00 PM ET. Everyone is welcome, and you can learn more on our Aphasia Cafe post.


All actions count. Enter your efforts in the form below and tell us what you do to make yourself feel better.


Read more about the Audrey Holland Wellness Challenge.