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Aphasia Therapy Guide

There are two general categories of therapies, and most clinicians utilize both:   Impairment-based therapies are aimed at improving language ...

Assistive Technology Introduction

Assistive Technology Guide For people with aphasia, assistive technology usually consists of computers and related devices to help clinicians administer ...

I Need Support / Therapy

What is a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP)? A specialist who evaluates and treats communication disorders [such as aphasia] and swallowing problems. ...

Listen With Your Heart, Helping Kids Understand Stroke and Aphasia By Lisa Samson, M.H.Sc. SLP (c) reg. CALSPO

This new children’s book about aphasia is written by an experienced speech-language pathologist with much experience working with families with ...

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After an Aphasia Diagnosis: What Happens Next?

Yesterday's aphasia announcement for Bruce Willis stirred many emotions in our board members, all of whom either have aphasia, have...

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A Long List of Word-Finding Tips

We asked you (thanks to James M) your best word-finding tips. And you delivered... a lot.   There were so...

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A Possible Game Changer for People with Aphasia

A new scientific development may be a game changer for people with aphasia. The subhead on The New York Times...

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Game Show

The National Aphasia Association and Liberty Speech Associates presents Game Show, an online games group that meets monthly.   This group will bring popular TV game shows to life in an … Continued